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Welcome to WikiStudy

Copyleft is the "user's right". Don't be a dirty pirate and forfeit your rights under the copyleft license.
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WikiStudy is not an encyclopedia. This means we don't require the contents of the wiki studies to be agreeable to all professionals in the field. We allow original research. We may write truths that have not yet been scientifically proven. Furthermore it means that amateur level study is ok. Editing a wiki is an excellent way to prove either of 2 things: being an amateur and being an expert. Be bold and scribe ahead and not worry about it.

Reading a wiki

In mediawiki an external URL will have a small symbol after it to indicate a link not internal to the wiki or reached via the interwiki mechanism.

Notice that internal links and interwiki links have slightly different color with the interwiki links being lighter in hue. If unable to tell just hover over the link and see where it leads to.

Red means the target article does not exist.

Editing a wiki

Use [[w:Fairtrade]] to link to Wikipedia's article on fairtrade and [[w:fr:Commerce équitable]] to link to the article in the French Wikipedia as simple as that. ( works for all languages, just insert the correct lang code )

This wiki has InstantCommons activated so all Wikimedia Commons images can be used on this wiki with the normal syntax: [[File:Filename.png|thumb|right|100px|Caption text]]

Learn more in-depth about wikis.

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Thank yous for tech

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